Monday, October 11, 2010

Do You Need A Checkup From The Neckup?

The headline above is one of my favorite quotes from motivational speaker Zig Ziglar and it is even more relevant (in this time of recession) than ever! Have you discovered as I have that most folks including ourselves really have the kind of day we have based on how we believe and react to stimuli going on around us? If you stumped your toe as you got out of bed this morning, did the rest of the day seem to follow suit? On those great days when everything goes perfect, did you seem to go from one success to another? So the big question is...How’s your attitude?

On my way to work this morning I stopped at my favorite local convenience store and overheard an interesting conversation. A local real estate agent was talking to the store owner and they both had that depressed look about them and you could just feel the “Doom & Gloom” as you entered the store. Then one of them asked me, “How’s your business doing? Bet yours is off like ours is! I simply replied to their amazement that while the business climate may be tough, I’ve actually had the biggest month of August that I’ve ever had!! After they picked their jaws off the floor I proceed to tell them that we are often victims of our own attitudes and under the influence of those who we hang around. Now I wasn’t trying to be mean to these guys, but I really wanted them to understand that “If it is to be...its up to me!”

Your employees are looking to you for encouragement and if you come to work with a defeated attitude before the day begins, how do you expect to encourage someone else or even more do you expect them to be excited about selling your product? Yes, it may be tough out there, but even during the “Great Depression”, there was businesses and people who were successful.

Customers can even pick up on a jewelry store’s overall attitude when they walk in the door. How do you think they feel when ‘ole sad Sally tries to help them? Don’t you think that you owe it to yourself, your employees and your customers to keep your thinking out of the gutter?

Now back to my convenience store friends…They asked how I could be having the best month of August ever so I told them! You simply have to seek business from those who are less effected by the economy. Go after corporate business such as I have with logo watches and take extra good care of the “TOP 20% of Customers” that you have. Make them extra special offers or after hour sales...these are the folks who can still afford to buy what we jewelers have!

But other’s say, “How can you do business when most people are cutting back on frivolous spending?” Engagements are still happening everyday as are birthdays and anniversaries. Shouldn’t you be getting your fair share of that business? I am and will continue to do so and despite the economy we’ve can you!!!

So I Challenge You! As you look at that person in the mirror each morning...give yourself a checkup from the neckup! Be proactive and start your day in climbing gear, not neutral!!!


Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You're In The Theater Called "Your Business"..

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!!!  Ok..that may have been a bit dramatic, but it got you thinking!  Each of us who own or work in a business must realize that we are "On Stage" at all times!  When you open your doors in the morning, it really is time to "Play The Part"...the part of a successful business owner or manager!

First of all, when you look in the mirror in the morning...wouldn't you rather look at someone you believe to be a success?  Hey, even if you're not so successful, go ahead a declare your won't be lying, you're just telling the truth in advance is all!  If you don't feel successful about your biz, how do you expect anyone else to?

Second, your employees are counting on you "Being Up & Enthused"!  As a leader of your store, you are on the stage of business and a bit of excitement helps sad faces, no down voice....set the tone and pace for you and your employees!

Third and maybe most important, your customers aren't looking for a limp noodle...they're expecting excitement, enthusiasm about yourself, your products and most importantly them!!!

So when you go to work tomorrow, remember this very basic message really are on the stage....what kind of performance will you give?  Will it be a memorable or forgettable one?


Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Annoying pest or welcomed guest?  That really is the question!  This was part of a column by Dan Kennedy and I believe he really made a point with it.  Let me ask many times do you receive mail from retailers only to throw it away thinking, "How dare that company send me such junk?"

The headline didn't catch you and there probably wasn't an offer to entice you into the store either.  Their mail didn't stand out in any way, shape or form from all of the other junk mail each of us receive daily.  Here we have the paradigm of being the "Annoying Pest" instead of being a "Welcomed Guest".

How do you become the welcomed guest with your marketing?  First of all by crafting pieces that stand out with a headline that screams "Look At Me!" followed by a very enticing offer.  It constantly amazes me at the professional jewelry store's I see who simply haven't learned how to write an ad/billboard/direct mail piece that can predictably draw customers in their door.

There is one simple truth, and that is when you make your bank deposit at the end of the business day...does your banker look at you and say, "Wow, you toiled long and hard to get this, you've worked all these years and now you're able to make this deposit."  They don't care if you worked a year or a day, the bank deposit still goes in and all that's looked at is the amount.  It doesn't matter how hard you work to make those deposits...what does matter is how "Smart You Work"! 

One last thought...for years I struggled as a goldsmith, watchmaker, gemologist, appraiser along with being a jewelry store owner.  I started down the road to success with my business when I made the shift from being a jeweler to becoming a "Marketer of Jewelry & Related Services."  As a business owner, the most important thing you should concentrate on is the marketing for your store.  It truly is the engine that drives everything else around you!

'Til Next Time,

Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems

P.S. - the second edition of my "Marketing Newsletter for Jewelers" is being mailed out to many successful jewelers as well as those who "Will Be Successful".  Wouldn't you like hot tips coming to you via this newsletter and keeping you in front of the pack?

P.P.S - this newsletter contains some of the most powerful moneymaking ideas I've ever divulged and those I've not shared with anyone...give me a call today at 828-729-1020 to sign up or email me at for more info.

Monday, August 2, 2010

To Attract Or Repel Customers...That Is An Unusual Question

Let me ask you a question...have you ever thought that maybe your retail store will only attract as many people as you repel from it? Hang with me here, this is a bit of a complicated post...let me elaborate...

For example, have you ever noticed how the stores that seem to focus on the things they are really good at attract the customers that they want? They really don't care if they have the whole pie (or all the customers) as the saying goes...they only care about attracting the kind of customer "They" are looking for and they are willing to risk losing or even "Repelling" the kind of customer they don't want!

Yes it is true! The days of a jeweler being all things to all people are now long gone. Today's jeweler needs to focus on his niche which may be custom design work, appraisals, closeout jewelry, bridal, etc...the successful independant retailer no longer tries to be all things to all people...they focus on attracting the kind of customer (a very loyal one at that) who likes and buys the thing they as a retailer focus on.

The more focused you become on a certain grouping of customers, the more "Magnetized" they become to receiving your message and products. You also turn away the tire kickers, time wasters, etc. who you really weren't looking for anyway.

Yes, this post is a bit different, but it also comes from observing many successful retail stores who have put this into action...and believe you me, it pays big dividends!

"Til Next Time,

Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems

P.S. - if you are in the jewelry trade, let me suggest you subscribe to my monthly "Marketing Newsletter For Jewelers" which will send a flood of ideas each month for the small price of only $59.95 per month. Yes, you can have these unusual and ultra effective ideas coming to you each the number above if you dare! 

P.P.S. - I practice what I preach!  I only want jewelers who are looking to do the unusual and who wish to stand out in the crowd...if you are unwilling or afraid, I can't help you!  Those "Smart" jewelers who are signing up with me will be "Way Ahead" of the pack come Christmas time this year!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why Would I Want To Do That?

Sometimes I am quite amazed at the logic & reasoning behind our local media.  You'll find this story interesting so I thought I'd share it with you today before I go on vacation for the 4th of July!

Recently, a local sales rep for the "I Wanna" Newspaper approached me inquiring why I didn't advertise in his paper.  In his words he said, "I noticed that you buy old gold & silver and wondered why you don't advertise with us.  I politely asked the young man to show me the most recent copy of his paper which he did.  Then I proceeded to turn to the section where all the "We Buy Old Gold & Silver" ads would be and noticed at least 20 ads for this...yes, every Tom, Dick & Harry had their ad in there proclaiming how they paid the most in our area & not to dare go anywhere else.  The sales rep said...see there, all of your competition is in this paper...why aren't you?  Politely I said, you've just answered your own question young man. He then gave me a really puzzled look and I said, If everyone else is in there, why would I want to be?  I'd much rather dominate another form of media these guys are overlooking (and I do)! 

The young sales rep then left my store unable to give me a coherent comeback or answer.  Let me leave you with this thought...if you are not going to completely dominate the media you choose to work in...why do it?  Search for better, more affordable media and one that your competitor's are overlooking...them completely dominate it!  Remember what a hero of mine (PT Barnum) once said..."A little advertising is like anything else you do a little at...not worth much!  If you are going to swim amongst the better prepare to bring a big speer gun (or a lot of advertising dollars) to overwhelm them.  Or do as I prefer, find often overlooked media and test it first for response...then

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bill Warren's Marketing Newsletter for Jewelers

ANNOUNCING - TODAY'S NEWS - READ ALL ABOUT IT! I'm pleased to announce the start of a new product from Warren Marketing Systems specifically developed for jewelers called "Bill Warren's Marketing Newsletter for Jewelers". This will be a 9-15 page newsletter mailed monthly to subscribing jewelers that will be full of superb money making ideas, strategies and techniques.

From time to time, I will also be including a CD of a total "Turn Key" program taking all the guesswork out of implenting a successful promotion for your jewelry store! You'll love each and every compelling issue as I promise to fill each with ideas that will stretch your mind and help you grow your store in ways you never dreamed of.

Over 20 years, I started saving every idea or technique that worked in helping me build my successful jewelry business in a small downtown of western North Carolina. I'm now willing to share these powerful techniques with you....

Here's what others are saying:
Now you can sleep because Bill never does!!! By the volume of clever, effective, and new marketing ideas that Bill Warren turns out, he must never sleep. He stays awake all night long to come up with the marketing tools he creates and is willing to share with us in the jewelry industry. Why not give Bill a call today and start benefiting from his creative marketing genius? It will help you make more money and isn't what all of this is about? Steve Morris, Helms Jewelers, Rockingham, NC

The brightest and best young retail marketer I have ever known. I have personally seen what his marketing techniques have done for many retailers in North and South Carolina. In our current economic environment, his strategies can bring your business, sales and profits to a higher level. I guarantee, if you are not utilizing his expertise, you are doing a disservice to yourself and your business. Ralph Timmerman, Camelot Bridal Co.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for sharing some of your marketing ideas with me over the years. I truly believe we are all given special gifts in life and your unique marketing mind is a gift! I hope that some day I’ll be able to help you as much as you’ve help me market my business. I can’t wait to hear about more of your great ideas. Tim Hiatt - Ellis Jewelers - Lexington, NC

If you own a jewelry store and would like to take your sales & profits to a higher level, please contact me today! The newsletter is $59.95 per month and can either be billed to your credit card or you can pay by check. Simply email at: or call me directly at 828-729-1020 and let me know you would like to subscribe and then I'll get you set up!

I'm truly excited about the launch of this product that will definitely help jewelers increase their business by opening up new & exciting profit streams for their store that they've never thought of!

"Til Next Time,

Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems
545 Main St.
Hudson, NC 28638

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You Can't Reach "Em Like You Used To!

Ok, bare with me here...I'm really not trying to be negative!  We as retailers today, simply cannot reach customers the same old way we always have!  The days of your store putting a full page ad in the local newspaper and getting rich by saturday are long over! 

As of late, I've developed dubious feelings toward many of the traditional media outlets such as the local daily newspaper, yellow page ads, placemat ads, etc.  Not that these medias don't still work, but I don't feel that they work as well as they once did.  I do feel that print yellow page ads are a complete waste of money...(I do think online yellow page ads are great!)

Todays younger consumer doesn't look in the yellow pages (they do a google search instead) and they certainly don't read the local newspaper (their daily news comes to them on their iphone, ipad or the homepage on their laptop)!

New media that we retailers need to explore for marketing today would include but are not limited to:  websites (that have been optimized by search engine optimization), email marketing, text marketing, voice broadcast (to your inhouse customer base), youtube videos, ezines, social media such as facebook, twitter and more. 

My favorite form of media to use is still direct mail, of which, you can test its effectiveness easily and at low cost.  Direct mail is also easily and superbly supported by all of the other media listed above.  It works great, hand in hand with radio, cable tv as well as other traditional medias.  I suggest you really look at developing your customer mailing list if you haven't already and make direct mail your main focus and develop other marketing methods around it. 

If retailers keep using the same old tired methods, (newspapers, yellow pages, etc), they simply will not be around's consumer gets it's daily dose of media from other sources and as retailers...we need to take notice and explore these lucrative options before its too late!

"Til Next Time,

Bill Warren,
Warren Marketing Systems

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Creative Way To Say "Thanks"

I'm sure most or many of you send "Thank You" notes or cards to customers who make substantial purchases from your retail store.  However, have you ever thought about sending a thank you card to everyone who makes a purchase from your store, every week?

Something I've found that pays huge dividends is that in our store, we send each customer making a purchase of as little as $10 or more a thank you postcard (you can use many sources to automate this like or even handwrite your own).  On each of these postcards that we send (for only $.69 by the way)...they are personalized with the customers name, a sincere thank you message and a small area with a gift certificate for $25 off the customer's next jewelry purchase.  Now don't pass out...yes, we really do give a $25 gift certificate and I see so many of these cards being redeemed...its absolutely mind blowing! 

How could I just give away $25 you say?  Well, first of all, yes, we have a very few who come in just for this amount, but usually, most folks spend much more...and hey, it got them in the store again so I could suggestively sell other items on the backend!!!  I've also figured that it normally costs me around $40-50 of marketing/advertising to get a new customer in my doors so why wouldn't I want to get someone already pre-disposed to buy from me back in my door?  (More on this thought later)!

Think about are you using your thank you notes?  This one way can lead to success on down the line and it "fills up the pipeline" for future business!  Go ahead..give it a try!

"til next time,

Bill Warren - Warren Marketing Systems

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do You Stand Out Or Blend In?

Let me ask you a question...does your business stand out in a crowded marketplace of competitors or does your business blend in?  If there are 25 jewelry stores in your area, what makes your store different from all the rest?  Please don't say..."Well, we give good customer service or our prices are good!"...everyone says this and its time for something new.

Today I attended a business showcase for my county and out of hundreds of other were we able to stand out in the crowd?  First of all, by doing something completely off the wall!  Please understand, I don't take myself to seriously and I have a pretty good sense of here's what I did.  I purchased a doctor's lab jacket and had it embroidered with the following:  Bill Warren, DDJ  Doctor of Dynamic Jewelry.  When people came up to my booth and saw me standing there in a lab jacket, lets just say it made for interesting conversation.  After breaking the ice and sharing a few chuckles about the lab coat, I proceed to ask to see a ladies hand and offer a "Free Examination".  I would zero in on one finger of their hand and then say, "Dear lady, I can see by this finger ailment that I need to prescribe a 2 carat diamond ring, to be applied to this finger daily for the rest of your life.  It will surely cure depression, chronic anxiety and chase all the blues away when you look at it!"  Talk about having fun...the ladies loved it and I had a blast.

So let me ask you, which business do you think made a more memorable impression, those who introduced themselves as, "Hi, I'm John Doe and I work at so & so jewelers"...or me in the lab jacket giving a humorous examination?  I'll let you decide for yourself, but I already know that answer...:)

"Til Next Time,

Bill Warren, DDJ
Doctor of Dynamic Jewelry
Warren Marketing Systems

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Easiest Sale You'll Ever Make

What is the easiest sale you'll ever make?  It is selling someone who has a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or some other important life event.  What can you do to pre-empt these special moments in your customer's lives?  Ok...I'll tell you...remember when I first started this blog...I asked if you would start collecting your customer's info such as address, email, birthdays, anniversaries, etc?  Here's what you do....

How about sending a postcard or gift certificate to these customers for $25-100 with no strings attached!  Yes, I really mean strings attached!  We've been doing this for years in my store and let me tell you, it creates a major amount of "Goodwill" for your customer and needless to say, it burns a hole in their pocket until they use it!  So many businesses forget to do this simple but effective way of marketing!  If you keep a data file on computer of your customer's you can simply upload your list to a company like and pick a postcard/gift certificate...they'll even mail it for you.  You can also easily print gift certificate yourself with any laser or inkjet printer using a program such as Microsoft Publisher.

The point here it!!!  This is FREE MONEY!  Very rarely have I ever had a customer simply spend the amount of the certificate...they usually spend much more, plus it creates a feeling of "I'm Important" to your customer.

Ok...put this blog post to use and let me hear your success stories on this simple but super effective technique!


Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Branding - Is It Really All That?

Branding....ah yes, it seems to be the buzzword in the marketing world these days!  Some say, you simply must have a branded product in your store and the people will come!  Many books, seminars, etc. have been devoted to this very topic.  And yes, even I've been seduced by this type of marketing/advertising myself, but then I "snapped out of it"!

I think retailers have lost sight of what the most important brand is and its "Their Own Brand"!  Yes...I mean themselves or their businesses!  The brand we need to concentrate on building is not some suppliers line or today's latest fad, but instead building the brand which is our own!  For instance, in my jewelry store, I'm much more interested in folks thinking, "Wow, that store has the nicest and most comprehensive wedding band collection anywhere at a great price" instead of someone thinking, "Hey, lets go over here because they carry XYZ Brand".  It can't be repeated enough, the most important brand you sell is yourself and your on building it instead of making some supplier it for yourself!!

While I'm not against offering a great product and I do believe great products enhance trade with our businesses, so many retailers have forgotten how to sell and rely on the brand to sell for them!  Oops...did I say that?  Yes..and I mean it!  Instead of pouring so much money into a brand and the marketing of it...lets pour the same money, time and resources into training our salespeople as well as ourselves in selling the products we already have!  I think it will be a much more worthy pursuit and better use of your money!

Before I close, let me give you a quick test and something to think about:  When I say "Pizza"...what name automatically comes to your mind?  I'll bet you said Domino's because we've been conditioned to that brand...but is it really the place you use for Pizza?  If I say "Car"...what comes to mind?  Ford or Chevy I bet...but is it really the car that you drive?  The power of a brand  and top of the mind awareness (known as TOMA) is great, but is it really the most important thing?  We'll talk about it more in another posting.

For now, concentrate on your brand (YOU) and build your biz from that point...let branding come as a part of people saying, "Wow...that store was so awesome...they treated me so well, I wouldn't think of going anywhere else...I can't wait to tell my friends" there is the right kind of "Branding" we need as retailers.

'Til Next Time,

Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems

Friday, March 5, 2010

You're Throwing Away Millions!!!

Yes, its true!!  You really are throwing away hundreds, thousands and quite possibly millions of dollars everyday!  How you might ask?  By tossing your junk mail in "File 13" as soon as you get it out of the mailbox!  Now stay with me here...

Perhaps you have never realized it, but some of the best marketing minds on earth come up with the ads you see everyday in your direct mail, newspapers, etc.  Just because we do not perceive them as relevant to our situation, we instantly give these valuable ads a toss into the trash.  You might think something like, "Well, I could never use that type of advertising in my business or that idea couldn't apply to me".  But oh my friend, if retailers would only consider adapting a new idea from another industry to their business, they could really hit marketing gold! 

Some of the best promotional ideas for my jewelry store have come from businesses outside the scope of the jewelry industry.  So many times, we copy what others in our industry are doing, just because thats they way its always been done instead of opting or experimenting with something new.

I challenge you today friends, the next time you stand over the trash can with sales ads, papers, direct mail from other industries...remember to check them out and see if you can adapt it to fit your business.  You may be throwing millions $$$ away!


Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You Do What?

When you are making small talk with folks, how often does the question come up.."What do you do? or What's your profession?"  Most people would simply say something like.."I'm a jeweler or I'm a barber or I'm a Car Salesman".   Yes, I used to do the very same thing until my marketing mentor, Jim Ackerman helped change my way of thinking about this. 

You see, even when we're not actually on the job, you are still on the job and you only have a few seconds to make a first impression...right?  I used to say things like, "I'm in the jewelry business or I sell jewelry".  Recently while at a business roundtable, everyone was asked to state their name and what they do.  Here was my answer....I said:

"Hi, my name is Bill Warren and I'm in the business of making lots of women happy......(extremely long pause, then I proceeded onward to say)....with the gift of fine jewelry from my store, The Gold Mine!

Now, how do you think the fellow before me felt with his stock & trade answer to the same question as:  Hi, I'm John Doe and I'm an insurance salesman at  ABC Insurance.  Do you get the picture here?  How you introduce yourself to people really does make a big difference...who do you think the folks in that roundtable discussion remembered most?  The guy selling insurance or the guy who makes lots of women happy with the gift of fine jewelry?  Obviously, I'm biased here, but needless to say, my introduction startled the crowd then brought out huge laughter and then everyone saying..."Gee..I wish I had thought of something like that!"

Let me leave you with a thought today, also inspired by my friend Jim Ackerman and one that set our business on the road to success.  Stop thinking of yourself as a jeweler, florist, clothier, hairdresser, etc.
As owner of the business you took on a special and important are the rainmaker...the one who calls down the storm and the one who brings in the customers.  Instead of thinking of myself as a jeweler, I've made the shift to this:  I am a marketer of jewelry and jewelry related services.  This little shift in my thinking made all the difference for me...I think it will for you as well.  We'll explore this topic more later.

'Til Then,

Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Makes You Different?

Really...what does make your business different?  If someone would ask you why they should shop with you instead of XYZ store...what would you say?  A typical answer from most biz owners might be, "Our customer service is better or the best prices"....blah, blah, blah!  Absolutely everyone says that...its time to come up with something better for sure!

Here is where a carefully crafted USP (Unique Selling Proposition) comes in handy.  Whats a USP you might ask?  SIMPLE...its a short sentence to short paragraph statement of what truly separates you from your competition.  Consider this for a minute...what one thing do you do, qualification do you have or line do you offer in your business that no other competitor in your area does?  For jewelry store's USP is:

The Gold Mine Fine Jewelry & Gifts is the only award winning Unifour area jewelry store that is owned & operated by a Registered Gemologist Appraiser, assuring the customer of trusted, one of a kind jewelry & services!

Since I was the only RGA (Registered Gemologist Appraiser) in my area, I turned this into a benefit of confidence with customers.  Here is how you might start to develop your USP

(Insert Business Name) is the only store that offers (insert your offer) assuring the customer of (insert blank)

Once you have developed your USP...start infusing it in everything you do...yes, every radio/newspaper ad, direct mail piece, email, etc.  Before long, you'll notice a difference, trust me...I have!  You'll be the expert in your area on whatever you decide your USP to be. 

Now remember, when someone asks you what it is that you do...quote your USP...and make it memorable!

"Til Next Time,

Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems

P.S. - now get to work on it...your USP is vitally important to your business!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Welcome To My New Blog!

Thanks for stopping by my first blog post under the "Warren Marketing Systems" banner!  In the coming weeks, you'll discover valuable marketing info that will turn your retail operation into a lean mean marketing machine!  Many fellow retailers have called my concepts  "Eye Opening"....perhaps in the days to come, you'll consider me your best friend in marketing.

For today and our start, consider this simple technique that surprisingly enough...many retailers don't employ!  What is it?  Starting now...collect the following information from each & every client who comes in your store:
  1. Customer's Full Name & Address, Telephone# As Well As Spouse's Name
  2. Birthday & Anniversary
  3. Email Address...(C' is the 21st Century!)
  4. Advanced Options might be preferences of items, color, etc.
Start with this information RIGHT NOW!  Please don't feel bad about asking for it me...customers are used to giving this type of info to retailers...remember the last time you went to Radio Shack?

Here's how you might ask for this info:
  1. Mr. / Ms. Customer, may I add your info to my list so I may keep you informed of our store's specials?
  2. May I add your info to my database so I may send you a Gift Card on your birthday or anniversary?  Who would turn this down?
  3. If someone should turn you down, don't feel bad, just politely respect their wishes and say "Thank You".
In days to come, I'll show you how to explode your operation's traffic flow and cash flow by using the above information.  I also ask that you either "Bookmark" this site or add it to your "Favorite Links".  You may also hit the "Subscribe" link to get this info in a RSS feed.

I look forward to helping you grow your business in the days to come.  Please feel free to leave any comments or contact me for help in your operation.


Bill Warren - Warren Marketing Systems
545 Main St.
Hudson, NC 28638