Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Word From Your Sales Prevention Department

I'll bet you didn't realize that most retailers truly have a "Sales Prevention Department" did you?  Yes, its true my friends, many of you are staking a claim there almost daily or at least some of your employees are!

Hear me out ok?  Whenever we let the telephone ring for too long...we're a part of this department.  Whenever we don't return our calls promptly, yes, we're visiting this department.  

Every person in your organization is also a part of your marketing team.  Regardless if they actually sell or if they're a bookkeeper...how they present themselves, handle clients or your product speaks "Marketing" or lack there of to everyone!!!

Please make sure you and your employees are not taking a "Carefree" attitude of your business and pay attention to how customers might perceive your business.  Please don't be a part of the "Sales Prevention Department!"


Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems