Monday, August 2, 2010

To Attract Or Repel Customers...That Is An Unusual Question

Let me ask you a question...have you ever thought that maybe your retail store will only attract as many people as you repel from it? Hang with me here, this is a bit of a complicated post...let me elaborate...

For example, have you ever noticed how the stores that seem to focus on the things they are really good at attract the customers that they want? They really don't care if they have the whole pie (or all the customers) as the saying goes...they only care about attracting the kind of customer "They" are looking for and they are willing to risk losing or even "Repelling" the kind of customer they don't want!

Yes it is true! The days of a jeweler being all things to all people are now long gone. Today's jeweler needs to focus on his niche which may be custom design work, appraisals, closeout jewelry, bridal, etc...the successful independant retailer no longer tries to be all things to all people...they focus on attracting the kind of customer (a very loyal one at that) who likes and buys the thing they as a retailer focus on.

The more focused you become on a certain grouping of customers, the more "Magnetized" they become to receiving your message and products. You also turn away the tire kickers, time wasters, etc. who you really weren't looking for anyway.

Yes, this post is a bit different, but it also comes from observing many successful retail stores who have put this into action...and believe you me, it pays big dividends!

"Til Next Time,

Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems

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