Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why Would I Want To Do That?

Sometimes I am quite amazed at the logic & reasoning behind our local media.  You'll find this story interesting so I thought I'd share it with you today before I go on vacation for the 4th of July!

Recently, a local sales rep for the "I Wanna" Newspaper approached me inquiring why I didn't advertise in his paper.  In his words he said, "I noticed that you buy old gold & silver and wondered why you don't advertise with us.  I politely asked the young man to show me the most recent copy of his paper which he did.  Then I proceeded to turn to the section where all the "We Buy Old Gold & Silver" ads would be and noticed at least 20 ads for this...yes, every Tom, Dick & Harry had their ad in there proclaiming how they paid the most in our area & not to dare go anywhere else.  The sales rep said...see there, all of your competition is in this paper...why aren't you?  Politely I said, you've just answered your own question young man. He then gave me a really puzzled look and I said, If everyone else is in there, why would I want to be?  I'd much rather dominate another form of media these guys are overlooking (and I do)! 

The young sales rep then left my store unable to give me a coherent comeback or answer.  Let me leave you with this thought...if you are not going to completely dominate the media you choose to work in...why do it?  Search for better, more affordable media and one that your competitor's are overlooking...them completely dominate it!  Remember what a hero of mine (PT Barnum) once said..."A little advertising is like anything else you do a little at...not worth much!  If you are going to swim amongst the better prepare to bring a big speer gun (or a lot of advertising dollars) to overwhelm them.  Or do as I prefer, find often overlooked media and test it first for response...then

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