Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Annoying pest or welcomed guest?  That really is the question!  This was part of a column by Dan Kennedy and I believe he really made a point with it.  Let me ask you...how many times do you receive mail from retailers only to throw it away thinking, "How dare that company send me such junk?"

The headline didn't catch you and there probably wasn't an offer to entice you into the store either.  Their mail didn't stand out in any way, shape or form from all of the other junk mail each of us receive daily.  Here we have the paradigm of being the "Annoying Pest" instead of being a "Welcomed Guest".

How do you become the welcomed guest with your marketing?  First of all by crafting pieces that stand out with a headline that screams "Look At Me!" followed by a very enticing offer.  It constantly amazes me at the professional jewelry store's I see who simply haven't learned how to write an ad/billboard/direct mail piece that can predictably draw customers in their door.

There is one simple truth, and that is when you make your bank deposit at the end of the business day...does your banker look at you and say, "Wow, you toiled long and hard to get this, you've worked all these years and now you're able to make this deposit."  They don't care if you worked a year or a day, the bank deposit still goes in and all that's looked at is the amount.  It doesn't matter how hard you work to make those deposits...what does matter is how "Smart You Work"! 

One last thought...for years I struggled as a goldsmith, watchmaker, gemologist, appraiser along with being a jewelry store owner.  I started down the road to success with my business when I made the shift from being a jeweler to becoming a "Marketer of Jewelry & Related Services."  As a business owner, the most important thing you should concentrate on is the marketing for your store.  It truly is the engine that drives everything else around you!

'Til Next Time,

Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems

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