Saturday, July 7, 2012

Customer Reviews Help Market Your Biz

You read the title correctly, customer reviews of your business does help in marketing to new clients!  The reason is simple, so many folks check Google, Yahoo and other online places often before making an initial visit to your store!

It continually surprises me at the businesses who do not try and cultivate reviews on Google of their operation.  If you own a jewelry store, do you realize that couples under 30 rarely ever look at a telephone book but go straight to the computer and "Google" local stores?  Its true and statistics prove it...

So how do you go about cultivating good reviews for your business?  Simply ask your customers when you've completed a sale with them is one easy way.  Why not?  While the experience is fresh is often times the best time to ask a bit of good will from your client.

Another thing that I do is to ask fans of your facebook page to post a review online.  When they do, send them a small gift as a token of appreciation such as a giftcard/certificate etc.  You'll be surprised how many reviews they might do when you reward them.

Go ahead, give it a'll be glad you did!

'til next time,

Dr. Bill Warren, DDJM (Doctor of Dynamic Jewelry Marketing)