Friday, July 15, 2011

Do You Take Time To Think About This?

I often wonder if my fellow business owners really take the time to do one very crucial thing...and that it, "Do they really spend any time thinking about new ways, new revenue streams and anything else that will improve their business?"  Its the truth...many don't!!!

You see, I learned many years ago to at least take 30 minutes a day during a time in which I'm uninterrupted and think about the systems that make my business run.

During this time, I often think of how Earl Nightingale once said that this time is like mining in a vein of pure gold!  After one of these thought sessions, I came up with a complete new way of thanking my customers while giving them an offer to come back in my store.  I was also able to obtain a phone number of a competitor who was going out of business and use it to my store's benefit by gaining many new customers from my former competitor.

I urge you, take a few minutes each day...get off to yourself and with a notepad, start jotting down any ideas that come to matter how silly they may seem.  Then prioritize them and put them to work in your store.  You'll be surprised at the results and just like myself, you'll find that it lights your fire!


Bill Warren