Friday, March 5, 2010

You're Throwing Away Millions!!!

Yes, its true!!  You really are throwing away hundreds, thousands and quite possibly millions of dollars everyday!  How you might ask?  By tossing your junk mail in "File 13" as soon as you get it out of the mailbox!  Now stay with me here...

Perhaps you have never realized it, but some of the best marketing minds on earth come up with the ads you see everyday in your direct mail, newspapers, etc.  Just because we do not perceive them as relevant to our situation, we instantly give these valuable ads a toss into the trash.  You might think something like, "Well, I could never use that type of advertising in my business or that idea couldn't apply to me".  But oh my friend, if retailers would only consider adapting a new idea from another industry to their business, they could really hit marketing gold! 

Some of the best promotional ideas for my jewelry store have come from businesses outside the scope of the jewelry industry.  So many times, we copy what others in our industry are doing, just because thats they way its always been done instead of opting or experimenting with something new.

I challenge you today friends, the next time you stand over the trash can with sales ads, papers, direct mail from other industries...remember to check them out and see if you can adapt it to fit your business.  You may be throwing millions $$$ away!


Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems

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