Monday, March 22, 2010

The Easiest Sale You'll Ever Make

What is the easiest sale you'll ever make?  It is selling someone who has a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or some other important life event.  What can you do to pre-empt these special moments in your customer's lives?  Ok...I'll tell you...remember when I first started this blog...I asked if you would start collecting your customer's info such as address, email, birthdays, anniversaries, etc?  Here's what you do....

How about sending a postcard or gift certificate to these customers for $25-100 with no strings attached!  Yes, I really mean strings attached!  We've been doing this for years in my store and let me tell you, it creates a major amount of "Goodwill" for your customer and needless to say, it burns a hole in their pocket until they use it!  So many businesses forget to do this simple but effective way of marketing!  If you keep a data file on computer of your customer's you can simply upload your list to a company like and pick a postcard/gift certificate...they'll even mail it for you.  You can also easily print gift certificate yourself with any laser or inkjet printer using a program such as Microsoft Publisher.

The point here it!!!  This is FREE MONEY!  Very rarely have I ever had a customer simply spend the amount of the certificate...they usually spend much more, plus it creates a feeling of "I'm Important" to your customer.

Ok...put this blog post to use and let me hear your success stories on this simple but super effective technique!


Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems

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