Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why Would I Want To Do That?

Sometimes I am quite amazed at the logic & reasoning behind our local media.  You'll find this story interesting so I thought I'd share it with you today before I go on vacation for the 4th of July!

Recently, a local sales rep for the "I Wanna" Newspaper approached me inquiring why I didn't advertise in his paper.  In his words he said, "I noticed that you buy old gold & silver and wondered why you don't advertise with us.  I politely asked the young man to show me the most recent copy of his paper which he did.  Then I proceeded to turn to the section where all the "We Buy Old Gold & Silver" ads would be and noticed at least 20 ads for this...yes, every Tom, Dick & Harry had their ad in there proclaiming how they paid the most in our area & not to dare go anywhere else.  The sales rep said...see there, all of your competition is in this paper...why aren't you?  Politely I said, you've just answered your own question young man. He then gave me a really puzzled look and I said, If everyone else is in there, why would I want to be?  I'd much rather dominate another form of media these guys are overlooking (and I do)! 

The young sales rep then left my store unable to give me a coherent comeback or answer.  Let me leave you with this thought...if you are not going to completely dominate the media you choose to work in...why do it?  Search for better, more affordable media and one that your competitor's are overlooking...them completely dominate it!  Remember what a hero of mine (PT Barnum) once said..."A little advertising is like anything else you do a little at...not worth much!  If you are going to swim amongst the better prepare to bring a big speer gun (or a lot of advertising dollars) to overwhelm them.  Or do as I prefer, find often overlooked media and test it first for response...then

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bill Warren's Marketing Newsletter for Jewelers

ANNOUNCING - TODAY'S NEWS - READ ALL ABOUT IT! I'm pleased to announce the start of a new product from Warren Marketing Systems specifically developed for jewelers called "Bill Warren's Marketing Newsletter for Jewelers". This will be a 9-15 page newsletter mailed monthly to subscribing jewelers that will be full of superb money making ideas, strategies and techniques.

From time to time, I will also be including a CD of a total "Turn Key" program taking all the guesswork out of implenting a successful promotion for your jewelry store! You'll love each and every compelling issue as I promise to fill each with ideas that will stretch your mind and help you grow your store in ways you never dreamed of.

Over 20 years, I started saving every idea or technique that worked in helping me build my successful jewelry business in a small downtown of western North Carolina. I'm now willing to share these powerful techniques with you....

Here's what others are saying:
Now you can sleep because Bill never does!!! By the volume of clever, effective, and new marketing ideas that Bill Warren turns out, he must never sleep. He stays awake all night long to come up with the marketing tools he creates and is willing to share with us in the jewelry industry. Why not give Bill a call today and start benefiting from his creative marketing genius? It will help you make more money and isn't what all of this is about? Steve Morris, Helms Jewelers, Rockingham, NC

The brightest and best young retail marketer I have ever known. I have personally seen what his marketing techniques have done for many retailers in North and South Carolina. In our current economic environment, his strategies can bring your business, sales and profits to a higher level. I guarantee, if you are not utilizing his expertise, you are doing a disservice to yourself and your business. Ralph Timmerman, Camelot Bridal Co.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for sharing some of your marketing ideas with me over the years. I truly believe we are all given special gifts in life and your unique marketing mind is a gift! I hope that some day I’ll be able to help you as much as you’ve help me market my business. I can’t wait to hear about more of your great ideas. Tim Hiatt - Ellis Jewelers - Lexington, NC

If you own a jewelry store and would like to take your sales & profits to a higher level, please contact me today! The newsletter is $59.95 per month and can either be billed to your credit card or you can pay by check. Simply email at: or call me directly at 828-729-1020 and let me know you would like to subscribe and then I'll get you set up!

I'm truly excited about the launch of this product that will definitely help jewelers increase their business by opening up new & exciting profit streams for their store that they've never thought of!

"Til Next Time,

Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems
545 Main St.
Hudson, NC 28638

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You Can't Reach "Em Like You Used To!

Ok, bare with me here...I'm really not trying to be negative!  We as retailers today, simply cannot reach customers the same old way we always have!  The days of your store putting a full page ad in the local newspaper and getting rich by saturday are long over! 

As of late, I've developed dubious feelings toward many of the traditional media outlets such as the local daily newspaper, yellow page ads, placemat ads, etc.  Not that these medias don't still work, but I don't feel that they work as well as they once did.  I do feel that print yellow page ads are a complete waste of money...(I do think online yellow page ads are great!)

Todays younger consumer doesn't look in the yellow pages (they do a google search instead) and they certainly don't read the local newspaper (their daily news comes to them on their iphone, ipad or the homepage on their laptop)!

New media that we retailers need to explore for marketing today would include but are not limited to:  websites (that have been optimized by search engine optimization), email marketing, text marketing, voice broadcast (to your inhouse customer base), youtube videos, ezines, social media such as facebook, twitter and more. 

My favorite form of media to use is still direct mail, of which, you can test its effectiveness easily and at low cost.  Direct mail is also easily and superbly supported by all of the other media listed above.  It works great, hand in hand with radio, cable tv as well as other traditional medias.  I suggest you really look at developing your customer mailing list if you haven't already and make direct mail your main focus and develop other marketing methods around it. 

If retailers keep using the same old tired methods, (newspapers, yellow pages, etc), they simply will not be around's consumer gets it's daily dose of media from other sources and as retailers...we need to take notice and explore these lucrative options before its too late!

"Til Next Time,

Bill Warren,
Warren Marketing Systems