Monday, October 11, 2010

Do You Need A Checkup From The Neckup?

The headline above is one of my favorite quotes from motivational speaker Zig Ziglar and it is even more relevant (in this time of recession) than ever! Have you discovered as I have that most folks including ourselves really have the kind of day we have based on how we believe and react to stimuli going on around us? If you stumped your toe as you got out of bed this morning, did the rest of the day seem to follow suit? On those great days when everything goes perfect, did you seem to go from one success to another? So the big question is...How’s your attitude?

On my way to work this morning I stopped at my favorite local convenience store and overheard an interesting conversation. A local real estate agent was talking to the store owner and they both had that depressed look about them and you could just feel the “Doom & Gloom” as you entered the store. Then one of them asked me, “How’s your business doing? Bet yours is off like ours is! I simply replied to their amazement that while the business climate may be tough, I’ve actually had the biggest month of August that I’ve ever had!! After they picked their jaws off the floor I proceed to tell them that we are often victims of our own attitudes and under the influence of those who we hang around. Now I wasn’t trying to be mean to these guys, but I really wanted them to understand that “If it is to be...its up to me!”

Your employees are looking to you for encouragement and if you come to work with a defeated attitude before the day begins, how do you expect to encourage someone else or even more do you expect them to be excited about selling your product? Yes, it may be tough out there, but even during the “Great Depression”, there was businesses and people who were successful.

Customers can even pick up on a jewelry store’s overall attitude when they walk in the door. How do you think they feel when ‘ole sad Sally tries to help them? Don’t you think that you owe it to yourself, your employees and your customers to keep your thinking out of the gutter?

Now back to my convenience store friends…They asked how I could be having the best month of August ever so I told them! You simply have to seek business from those who are less effected by the economy. Go after corporate business such as I have with logo watches and take extra good care of the “TOP 20% of Customers” that you have. Make them extra special offers or after hour sales...these are the folks who can still afford to buy what we jewelers have!

But other’s say, “How can you do business when most people are cutting back on frivolous spending?” Engagements are still happening everyday as are birthdays and anniversaries. Shouldn’t you be getting your fair share of that business? I am and will continue to do so and despite the economy we’ve can you!!!

So I Challenge You! As you look at that person in the mirror each morning...give yourself a checkup from the neckup! Be proactive and start your day in climbing gear, not neutral!!!


Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems