Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Creative Way To Say "Thanks"

I'm sure most or many of you send "Thank You" notes or cards to customers who make substantial purchases from your retail store.  However, have you ever thought about sending a thank you card to everyone who makes a purchase from your store, every week?

Something I've found that pays huge dividends is that in our store, we send each customer making a purchase of as little as $10 or more a thank you postcard (you can use many sources to automate this like or even handwrite your own).  On each of these postcards that we send (for only $.69 by the way)...they are personalized with the customers name, a sincere thank you message and a small area with a gift certificate for $25 off the customer's next jewelry purchase.  Now don't pass out...yes, we really do give a $25 gift certificate and I see so many of these cards being redeemed...its absolutely mind blowing! 

How could I just give away $25 you say?  Well, first of all, yes, we have a very few who come in just for this amount, but usually, most folks spend much more...and hey, it got them in the store again so I could suggestively sell other items on the backend!!!  I've also figured that it normally costs me around $40-50 of marketing/advertising to get a new customer in my doors so why wouldn't I want to get someone already pre-disposed to buy from me back in my door?  (More on this thought later)!

Think about are you using your thank you notes?  This one way can lead to success on down the line and it "fills up the pipeline" for future business!  Go ahead..give it a try!

"til next time,

Bill Warren - Warren Marketing Systems