Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reach Out And Touch Someone..Namely Your Customer

While going through my mail recently, I noticed several mail order catalogs.  What made me notice them was that I had just received a catalog from the same company less than 2-3 weeks before.  So whats special about that?  Ok...I'll tell you...but first, let me ask you a question!

How many times per year are you making contact with your regular customer list? (I assume you do have do, don't you?)  Many jewelers I've talked with said they may do a mailing or send a card maybe once or twice per year.  WRONG!!!!  Many associations and experts and myself say you should be reaching out and touching your customer list or some portion of it at least 6 times per year or more!

Now to talk about the first paragraph....the reason Land's End and multiple other mail order companies send you a catalog 12-15 times per year is works!!  Another thing they do is test & track each and every promotion/catalog/mail order piece they send for its effectiveness! 

There is much to be learned from the "BIG BOYS".  I know that our smaller businesses may not have the marketing budget of a large mail order retailer, but there is no reason we can't and no reason we shouldn't be sending our best customers something multiple times per year.

Please understand me here, it doesn't have to be a catalog, it could be a phone call by your sales force, an email with a store special or coupon, or your latest flyer.  It keeps you in front of know what is said about "Out of sight, out of mind"?

Start today friends and put this philosphy to work in your pays big dividends!


Bill Warren
Warren Marketing Systems

P.S. - no greater authority than Instore Jewelers magazine recently said that Direct Mail is the "Best Form" of marketing by your can take it to the bank!